Gatsby's Whore

Just photos of me, Daisy, 23, New York. I like to be used, abused and objectified for others pleasure. All photos posted are of me...

Last Night

I got fisted by a girl last night. In the garden at a house party. No idea who she was or who was watching but I do remember I came hard.

I passed out right after, and just got home.

God, I love feeling stretched.

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Gang Bang Fantasy

One of my biggest fantasies is to be gang banged.

The thought of being used not just as Gatsby's fuck-toy, but as anybody's fuck-toy on the end of his leash sends shivers down my spine.

I want him fucking my mouth, staring at me while strangers pound me and stretch me from behind. To have him pin me there while they take turns in my pussy and ass, forcing me to take two and then three cocks at the same time. Feeling strangers hands groping every inch of my body. Slapping and grabbing at me, fighting over each hole.

Him yanking me around to face them and forcing his fists into my pussy, filing me completely while I lick and suck each strangers cock, tasting myself on every one. Him grabbing my hips and slamming his cock into my ass, fucking me and gripping my hair while they explode on my face and my mouth is filled, again and again.

Cum dripping from me, before he finishes deep inside me.

And I want it to be filmed.

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Attention Whore
This attention is such a fucking turn-on. I just want to be pounded, stretched, spanked and filled.
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